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Our French program is designed to give you both the technical and cultural aspects of a linguistic French education. You will acquire reading and writing skills while learning about the cultural history of the language. We prepare you to engage the world through French gastronomy, art, cinema, and conversation.

Who It's For

A French minor is ideal for those who want to gain a better understanding of what lies beyond their own culture. Many students majoring in sociology, art, education, business, communication, and other creative fields opt for a French minor that will complement their academic experience.

Key Benefits

  • Our classes have an average of 12 students, which facilitates an environment for conversation and the personal attention you need when learning a new language.
  • A French minor enables you to use your new skills in real-life situations through opportunities such as study abroad, May Term, and internships.
  • Our faculty members will navigate you in applying a linguistic French background into your desired career path.
“Studying French at Westminster has been more than just fulfilling a language requirement because I felt like I was learning something that would help me in the future. Since I study international business, I am always learning about how different cultures influence business, and I look forward to being able to connect with people all over the world because of the knowledge I gained in the French program at Westminster.”
Gabriella Sanchez ('19), international business major

About the Program

What You'll Learn

  • Deepen your sensitivity of language in all its artistic forms through different class materials.
  • Engage in cultures other than your own and expand your horizons through class discussions that encourage multicultural perspectives.
  • Compare and contrast the principles of different Francophone countries throughout the world.
  • Achieve standard proficiency in conversation, composition, and reading at the same time you extend your knowledge of the French culture and history.

Plan of Study

We understand that learning is a continuous process. Our curriculum starts with the written and spoken structures of the French language and gradually moves towards composition and conversation. Many activities will be based on original literature and films to improve your understanding of the culture and the history of human relations behind it.

Sample Courses

FREN 110—French I

This course offers a novice introduction to the written and spoken structures of the French language and emphasizes cultural appreciation and participation skills.

FREN 221—French IV

Cinéma en Fraçaise. You will review various French movies selected for their linguistic and historical importance. All these movies will have English and French subtitles and will be the subject of conversation, analysis, and written compositions.

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Career Opportunities

Understanding the French language translates into versatility—a great addition to many career fields. A French minor complements multiple majors and can open more opportunities for you in the job market due to its cultural distinction.

Potential Careers

  • Interpretation
  • Multilingual editing
  • Travel and tourism
  • International business
  • Foreign affairs and trade
  • Gastronomy
  • Museology
  • Art curator
  • Communication and marketing
  • History
  • International Relations and diplomacy

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