Undergraduate Virtual Conference

The 2020 Undergraduate Conference is a virtual showcase of the important, high-level research Westminster undergraduate students have done. Students across various academic programs and schools participated with the approval of their faculty sponsor. Take a moment to explore all of the interesting projects students have undertaken this year.

Keynote Address

Alexa Sand, Associate VP of Research, Utah State University


Shawntel Wilson

Canine Parvovirus

Johanna Bossart

Illustrating the Great Salt Lake

Watch a presentation of this paper here.

Savannah Olsen

The Genetic Link to Musculoskeletal Injury; Fact or Fiction?

Haley K. Nate, Emily G. Calhoun, Ambur M. Staab, David L. Parrott, Jr.

Characterization of Halophyte Rhizosphere Microbiomes at Great Salt Lake, Utah

Watch a presentation of this paper here.

Aaron Smith

Wort Sugar Utilization during a Nine-Generation Serial Repitching Experiment


Kane Dodson & Megan Fairchild

Exploring the Use of an Experiential Seismometer Display to Improve Earthquake Preparedness

Mariah P. Slagle and David W. Goldsmith

Microfossils from the Carboniferous Ochre Mountain Limestone, Lakeside Mountains, Utah

Watch a presentation of this paper here.

Calli B. Cahill, Adrik Z. Da Silva, and Bonnie Baxter, Ph.D.

Mineralogy of Great Salt Lake: An Analogue for Martian Evaporites

Watch a presentation of this paper here.


Sarah Watterson

Magical Utah: The History of Magic in the Deseret Territory

Sean Lambourne

Hans and Sophie Scholl, The White Rose, and Why They're Important Today

Joelee Cherrington

Kido Takayoshi of Meiji Japan


Daniel Craig

The Problem with the Pharmaceutical Industry

Kevin Musar

Global Climate Change

Josie M. Stoker

The Legacy of Redlining for Black College Students

Ryan McLaughlin

Conspicuous Conservation

Sarah Jane Grundon & Hudson Schmucker

Cost Benefit Analysis of Japanese Beetle in Utah

Chris Mullin

Economic Benefits Behind Rehabilitation

Maxwell Thomas White

The Principle of Effective Demand in the 21st Century

Konrad Mitchell

Exogenous and Endogenous Growth Theories

Paul Nasca

Development' and the Habits of a Decent Life

Jaedri Wood

The Teetotalers’ Nightmare and the Consumers’ Dream: Liquor Privatization in Utah


Rebecca Blanton

Efficient Management Communication in Fast-Casual Food Service

Latin American Studies

Wyatt Merrill

Continental and National Identities in the Americas

Environmental Studies

Eliza Van Dyk

Resilient Communities Impacted by Uranium Mining in the Southwest


Kenzie Campbell

Objectification Theory: Alternative Media Use to Disrupt OT Pathways


Zia L'Ecuyer and Krista L. Todd

Homologous Neurons in Leeches are Responsible for Identical Reproductive Behavior Across Different Species

Watch a presentation of this paper here.


Nicole Rodriguez Cavero

The Geometry of Chaos

Public Health

Madelyn Bayles

Idle-Free Schools: Perceptions and Efficacy

Mary Grace Lewis

Safe Consumption Sites: Physical and Social Harm Reduction and Economic Efficacy


Katie Saad

Hormone Regulation in the Olympics: For the Sake of Gender Equality, Ban it

Sammantha Rosales-Hernandez

Aesthetic Experience: A Universal Growth Model