Research Guides

How to Use the Research Guides

Research Guides are online tools developed by Westminster College librarians to help you find research resources for specific academic disciplines. Need to find a journal article, a book, or data? View the guide for your subject area in order to connect to databases that will help you track down scholarship and information in that field. Each guide also includes a page about citing sources and the contact information for a librarian who can help with your research.

Students study anthropological site in Utah desert

Anthropology Research Guide

Student in an Art Classroom

Art Research Guide

Glass beakers with plants inside

Biology Research Guide

Desk with computer and office supplies

Business Research Guide

Molecular model

Chemistry Research Guide

Interesting Map

Communication Research Guide

Compass on a spreadsheet

Economics Research Guide

Westminster student teaches in elementary class room

Education Research Guide

Stack of Old Books

English Research Guide

Student at Great Salt Lake

Environmental Studies Research Guide

Big old clock

History Research Guide

An old world map

Languages Research Guide

Cool Brain

Neuroscience Research Guide

Nursing Guide

Nursing Research Guide

Student on a Mountain

Philosophy Research Guide

Student in an Art Classroom

Political Science Research Guide


Psychology and Mental Health Counseling Research Guide

Public Health - hands together in circle

Public Health Research Guide

Students Parading for Good

Sociology Research Guide