Bystander Intervention Training

Each year, hundreds of students at Westminster receive bystander-intervention training. This program (delivered by trained peer educators) provides participants with tools to prevent or interrupt sexual or interpersonal violence. At fall orientation, new undergraduate students participate in the bystander intervention training called Griffins Have Your Back. Club members, student athletes, ASW leadership, and other groups across campus also participate in a healthy-relationships workshop that reinforces this training.

There are many reasons people don’t intervene in problem situations: they think someone else will, they believe the victim is at fault, they’re concerned about straining relationships with their peers, or they’re not sure there is even a problem. But the number one reason people don’t intervene is that they simply don’t know how. Here are four simple strategies to interrupt sexual or interpersonal violence:

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If you are interested in having bystander intervention training for your group or becoming a peer educator, please contact Title IX coordinator Jason Schwartz-Johnson.

Title IX Training

Westminster has a robust primary prevention and ongoing training program with the goal of eliminating sexual and interpersonal violence and providing optimal support in response to it. Students receive in-person and online training regarding the Title IX policy and procedures, prohibited conduct, consent, reporting, investigations, available resources, and supportive measures. All employees are required to complete training on prohibited conduct, appropriate responses to disclosures, their reporting responsibilities, and resources. Staff and faculty involved with Title IX issues receive additional training on conducting investigations and appeals, providing a trauma-informed response and investigation, and administering the Title IX program in accordance with laws and best practices.