Awareness Programs

Healthy Relationships Week

In conjunction with Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Westminster is holding healthy relationships week. The yellow flags across campus symbolize the warning signs that a relationship may not be healthy. Every day during healthy relationships week students will receive an email from different members of the campus community challenging them to look at relationships from a new perspective. Within the emails, there are links to thought-provoking video content. We encourage you to take a moment each day this week to talk about these important issues with partners, friends, classmates, roommates, teammates, coworkers, or family. You can make this conversation viral by using #ThatsNotLove on social media.

Join us for the following activities:

Tuesday October 3, 10 a.m.–2 p.m. next to the Shaw concierge desk

  • Stick it to Love We're going to fill the white board outside the Dean of Students office with sticky notes with phrases that either represent or do not represent a healthy relationship (#ThatsLove/#ThatsNotLove).
  • Because I Love You There are gray areas between love and control. Fill out a flyer with a control statement and we'll snap a photo of you holding the flyer (or just the flyer). Upload it to social media using #ThatsNotLove.

Wednesday October 4, 6–7:30 p.m. in the HWAC Special Events Room

  • The Escalation Workshop After students watch a film about a new relationship that escalates to abuse, peer educators will lead the group in a discussion about the signs of an unhealthy relationship, as portrayed in the film. Popcorn will be served. Please note that this workshop covers sensitive issues, including dating violence, stalking, and sexual assault, and has graphic content.

Thank you for supporting healthy relationship week.

Consent Campaign

In Spring 2018, Westminster will launch a campaign about consent. The campaign will remind students about the five essential elements of consent: agreement, words or actions that are clearly understandable, knowing, voluntary, and specific. Stay tuned for more details.