2018–19 Employee Milestones

30 Years

  • Dick Chapman

    Dick Chapman

    Professor, Economics

    Dick is a man of many contradictions. He left the blue-collar world for the ivory tower. Now he coaches those aspiring to enter America’s board rooms. He is an economist who is not an economist, or as he calls himself, “a rebel without a clue.”

    Dick is the professor who used to teach in shorts and sandals; now he teaches in a coat and slacks. He used to teach traditional students; now he teaches non-traditionalists. He used to organize labor; now he organizes their bosses. He used to teach the problems with capitalism; now he teaches capitalists how to solve problems. He puts students at ease, empathizing with their efforts to juggle jobs and family. Dick has been there.

    Dick’s class is a pleasant respite from the hustle of life. He puts students at ease and he makes them laugh. Some mistakenly think Dick is easy until midterms. But be warned: never mistake levity for an easy “A.” His class combines stories with theory. Dick has won the Professor of the Year award more than anyone—a testament to his ability to teach—all the while making economics relevant.

  • Jerry Van Os

    Jerry Van Os

    Professor, Accounting

    Dr. Jerry Van Os started as an adjunct professor of accounting at Westminster College in 1983. In 1988, he started as a full-time associate professor of accounting and later, in 1991, became a full professor of accounting. In addition to serving as an admired and respected teacher, Jerry has excellently served as an administrator for 23 years, in roles as varied as MBA director, director of competency-based programs, and associate dean of the Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business.

    When asked to reflect on his time at Westminster, Jerry mentioned he has appreciated his many opportunities for professional growth and his multiple and varied international travel experiences. But Jerry has perhaps most appreciated his key role over the last 12 years in developing, growing, and managing the project-based programs at Westminster. Students have long appreciated Jerry’s willingness to offer advice and serve as a mentor. Jerry is known for his saying: “At Westminster, each student is our only student,” and he treats every student encounter with that motto. Colleagues credit and value Jerry’s vast institutional knowledge, leadership, and dry sense of humor.

    Jerry has many hobbies and interests outside of Westminster but right now he’s focused on one thing: his newborn grandson.

25 Years

  • Alan Davison

    Alan Davison

    Professor, Spanish

    Twenty-five years ago, when Alan came to Westminster from Colby College, Hogle was the only residence hall, the Jewett Center was a grassy slope leading to an uncovered parking lot, Meldrum Science was a tennis court, and the Bassis Center was Westmisnter’s windowless library. During his tenure at Westminster, Alan has been a committed part of Westminster as it has grown into a nationally recognized college with over 3,000 students from the US and abroad.

    In addition to his years of exemplary work in the classroom, Alan has been recognized with a number of Westminster’s most prestigious awards. In 1998 he won the Manford A. Shaw Publication Award for his novel, The Adventures of Captain Harvey: A Modern Odyssey; in 2002 he won the Gore Excellence in Teaching Award; and in 2012 he was granted the Naomi Weyher Renewal Leave to complete his graphic novel, Blurtseau Lundif—Corsaire Extraordinaire. Alan writes and illustrates The Blurtso Chronicles—a blog that he began in 2009.

    In the language department, Alan has always promoted diversity on campus and abroad. He was indispensable in the development of new literature courses for the Spanish major, and in the past three years he has taken a leading role in creating online classes. He now offers multiple sections of the first two semesters of introductory Spanish courses in online format each year. Alan’s commitment to innovation and excellence will be an invaluable asset for Westminster for many years to come.

  • Chris Cline

    Chris Cline

    Associate Professor, Physics

    After 25 years, Chris is a Westminster fixture. He was the faculty athletic representative for eight years and has been a steadfast booster for all the sports programs. If it’s a home game, he is always there. Chris is both a scientist and a musician; is at every play, recital, and concert; and he helped draft the music program’s mission statement. Chris is the go-to astronomy guy at Westminster. He is an incredible professor, challenging his students to believe not only what they read or hear, but also what they think. Chris has been instrumental in the changes in science education since 1995, spearheading Westminster’s switch from teaching to learning. Twenty-three years later, all of Westminster’s science classes use his interactive engagement model. Chris is dedicated to his job: working seven days a week and found at any given time helping a student.

  • 73977347_sharon_crawley (1)-Recovered

    Sharon Crawley

    Senior Administrative Assistant, School of Nursing

    Sharon Crawley has worked in numerous positions at Westminster as an administrative assistant. She is currently responsible for anything related to admissions for undergraduate nursing students. Sharon truly has a heart for Westminster College and cares deeply about her supporting role in educating our nursing students. She has met with countless students applying to the undergraduate nursing program and is often the first person students talk with or see upon entering the program. Her kind, caring personality is so very unique. Sharon performs and presents in a professional manner and has a unique ability to address students and faculty across generations.

    Sharon is a gracious and welcoming person to new nursing students, making sure they have application materials completed and calming many students' fears while they await an acceptance decision. Sharon is known as the historian for the School of Nursing and has responded to students’ requests for information throughout the years. She cares deeply about the college, the nursing program, and the students and faculty; her dedication has contributed to the success of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences in so many ways.

    Outside of work, Sharon enjoys shopping at the local farmers market with her daughter and cooking farm-to-table dishes. She also has two very special granddogs.

20 Years

  • Paul Presson

    Paul Presson

    Associate Professor, Psychology

    Paul joined Westminster’s psychology faculty in 1998 and quickly proved himself as a skilled classroom instructor and developer of new curriculum. Paul served as the associate provost for institutional research from 2004–2014 after chairing the social science division and contributing to the development of the justice studies program. In this role, Paul provided significant contributions to many significant and game-changing initiatives at Westminster. Paul’s loyalty to Westminster can never be questioned.

    Throughout his teaching and administrative service, Paul has provided exemplary commitment to the achievement of the college’s goals, a calmness in the face of challenge and adversity, a constant caring for the colleagues he works with, and a workhorse approach to completing projects.

    Paul continues to teach and serves as the liaison officer for Westminster’s regional accreditation authority and chair of the faculty senate. As has always been the case, Westminster benefits greatly from the service of Paul Presson.

  • Karlyn Bond

    Karlyn Bond

    Professor, Music

    Dr. Karlyn Bond has been a valued member of the Westminster music program for 20 years. Karlyn is passionate about teaching, loves classical music, enjoys fine dining at Mazza, and enjoys watching baseball without any distractions. She is extremely well read and her lectures are both eloquent and informative. Her command of the English language and quick wit make her a formidable opponent when debating a curriculum change or political position.

    Among her many accomplishments at Westminster, Karlyn served as chair of the music program for many years, coordinated the concert series, served on the curriculum committee, directed the student chamber music ensemble, taught in the Honors College, and hired many adjunct music faculty.

    Karlyn has been a tremendous role model for music students. She often plays musical examples that serve to inspire her students. Her course preparation is meticulous and she loves seeing students succeed. She also champions their efforts to study the classics, both literary and musical. Karlyn teaches with an inter-disciplinary flair and is passionate about educating the whole person. At the end of the day, one of her greatest joys is cozying up with a good book, a cup of tea, and contemplating the beauty within.

  • Natasha Saje

    Natasha Saje

    Professor, English

    Prolific author, challenging teacher, director of the Anne Newman Sutton Weeks Poetry Series, dynamic colleague, and ingenious baker, Natasha Sajé, like her best recipes or poems, combines a variety of elements to make a model for imitation. Her curious and exacting nature has led to excellence in many genres: verse, critical and reflective essays, and literary theory. Her latest collection of poems, Vivarium, and her essay anthology, Windows and Doors, have taught creative writers at the college and elsewhere about literary invention, voice, and poetic craft. Natasha’s readers look forward to the publication of her memoir and other writings to which she is currently devoted.

    In poetry workshops and individual conferences, Natasha encourages her students to set rigorous standards for their compositions. As the poetry series director, she brings together poet teachers with Westminster students through public readings and events for professional advice. On the diversity committee and as an advocate, she has encouraged marginalized students in self-expression. As former English program chair and leader of faculty learning communities, Natasha has boosted collegiality with her supportive advice—and sometimes with confections of her own creation. Westminster is fortunate to have such a brilliant, dedicated, and creative faculty member.

  • Vicki Whiting

    Vicki Whiting

    Professor, Management

    As Vicki Whiting celebrates 20 years of teaching leadership and management at Westminster, her expertise in educating both undergraduate and graduate students—as well as corporate executives—has been evident. Vicki has focused her teaching, research, and consulting experience on organizational leadership (most specifically on personal and organizational leadership development through mentor relationships), developing effective organizational interactions. Her writing and research integrate across leadership, mentorship, and team dynamics. Vicki presents her ideas on collaboration, coordination, and commitment through listening and advocacy to students, colleagues, and administrators. She has been a major influence in the lives of her students at Westminster, and her dedication to her students and student success is legendary. Vicki has achieved tremendous success in her numerous accomplishments in teaching, research, and consulting. We have been honored to have Vicki in our Westminster family.

  • Vickie Reese

    Vickie Reese

    Payroll Analyst, Accounting

    Vickie has been responsible for payroll at Westminster for 20 years. Dependable and accurate, Vickie says she takes great pride in the fact that most people on campus don’t know her because that means their paycheck has never had problems. Twenty years in payroll means 20 years of continuous learning and adapting to new regulations and systems. Vickie has handled change with grace and mistakes from her are rare.

    Vickie obtained a degree in sociology from Westminster while still being able to keep up with the demands of her full-time job. Her deep compassion shows in her service to and love for animals. Over the years, Vickie has sought out and adopted older dogs from shelters to give them a home from which they can live out their remaining years being loved and cared for. She is almost always seen on campus with her two dogs, Katie and Nopa.

  • Ryan Lewis

    Director of Graduate & Low Residency

    Ryan Lewis has always been a dedicated and curious overachiever. Ryan began his career as a computer support coordinator in information services (IS), where he was promoted quickly. In 2015, Ryan left IS to become the director of the graduate and adult program services team.

    Ryan has served in countless capacities across campus, including Staff Council and as part of a team that was awarded the Department of Distinction. Ryan is truly one of Westminster’s gems. He grew up on this campus and developed both as a person and as a professional.

    Outside of campus, Ryan is a dedicated husband and father who likes hiking, camping, scuba, and board games. Ryan has served on several board of directors for other organizations, including Utah Independent Business Coalition.

    Ryan is a skilled troubleshooter and does not back away from even the most difficult challenge. He has even stayed up all night to help on projects. If there is one theme that encapsulates Ryan, it is his unwavering willingness to help any office or colleague.

15 Years

  • Helen Hu, Professor, Computer Science
  • Jo Hinsdale, McNair Director, Provost's Office
  • Kim Zarkin, Professor, Communication
  • Manny Villalobos, Associate Director of Transfer Admissions
  • Mark Rubinfeld, Professor, Sociology
  • Mike Zarkin, Professor, Political Science
  • Peter Conwell, Associate Professor, Physics
  • Rick Hackford, Head Athletic Trainer, Athletics
  • Rob Patterson, Associate Professor, Finance
  • Sheryl Steadman, Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences
  • Twila Wycoff, Accounts Payable Coordinator, Accounts Payable

10 Years

  • Claire Martinez, Director of Donor Relations, Institutional Advancement
  • Cordelia Schaffer, Associate Professor, Nursing
  • Jaimi Butler, Great Salt Lake Institute Coordinator, School of Arts and Sciences
  • James Hedges, Director of Innovative Learning
  • Jonas D’Andrea, Associate Professor, Mathematics
  • Kristjane Nordmeyer, Associate Professor, Sociology
  • Lance Newman, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences
  • Lindsay Gerritsen, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, Financial Aid
  • Marilee Coles-Ritchie, Professor, Education
  • Niki Harding, Head Coach, Women’s Lacrosse
  • Rodney Glore, Instructional Designer
  • Sean Raleigh, Associate Professor, Mathematics

5 Years

  • Al Givens, Women's Volleyball Coach, Athletics
  • Christine Ye, Assistant Professor, Project-Based MBA
  • Clayton Keyes, Assistant Professor, Art
  • Donna Campbell, Data Entry Specialist, Admissions
  • Eileen Chanza-Torres, Assistant Professor, English
  • Emily Williams, Staff Accompanist, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Frances Peacock, Assistant Director, Student Success and Retention
  • Hal Snarr, Assistant Professor, Economics
  • Heidi Mason, Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • Julie Stewart, Associate Professor, Honors
  • Kalani Eggington, Assistant Professor, Education
  • Kara Barnette, Associate Professor, Philosophy
  • Lauren Erlacher, Associate Director of Graduate Admissions
  • Lisa Curless, Flight Operations Manager, Aviation
  • Matthew Baker, Associate Professor, Communication
  • Michael Glissmeyer, Assistant Professor, Management
  • Michael Pacanowsky, Professor, Business Innovation
  • Ranjan Adija, Associate Professor, English
  • Scott Olsen, Director of Flight Education and Chief Flight Instructor
  • Sheng Xiao, Associate Professor, Economics and Finance