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Eportfolio FAQ's


Q. Why are students creating a college-wide eportfolio?

A. Students are creating an eportfolio focused on the college-wide learning goals for 3 reasons.

  1. Eportfolios support student learning over the course of their time at Westminster College
  2. Eportfolios provide an opportunity for students to share that learning with a wide audience (faculty, employers, internships, graduate schools)
  3. Eportfolios provide the college with evidence of student learning in relation to the college wide learning goals

Q. What goes in to an eportfolio?
A. Students place digital artifacts that demonstrate their skills relative to each college wide goal. These artifacts could include papers submitted for class, video assignments, websites they created, awards received and much more. The student must then write a reflection that accurately describes how these artifacts demonstrate the goal and what the student has learned from the experiences. Both the artifacts and the reflection are evaluated against the rubric for each of the goals.

Q. How are the co-curricular programs  involved in the eportfolio process?
A. The portfolios are designed to capture the College wide learning goals in both the curriculum and the co-curricular aspects of the college. Student participation in activities like the Environmental Center, the Center for Civic Engagement, sport teams, etc all provide opportunities to enhance one’s skills in many of the college wide goals. Artifacts from these areas would certainly be accepted in a students’ portfolio, although they may not be the sole source for demonstrating the students’ skills on that goal.

Q. How often will the eportfolios be evaluated?
A. Students will submit their portfolios 2 times to be evaluated. The first of these occurs in the midpoint of their educational career (roughly 60 credit hours). The second one occurs in the semester that a student graduates. Portfolios may be examined or used at other points throughout a students' career depending on their program or advisors recommendations.

Q. What happens if a student does not “pass” the portfolio either time?
A. Students are not required to “pass” the portfolio at the first evaluation. Instead, student work is evaluated and provided appropriate feedback so that the student is aware of what they need to consider for the second evaluation. Minimum standards will be determined over time and students who do not meet the standards would be recommended to student services much as they would if they were not successful in coursework. Ultimately, students would be required at some time in the future to meet a minimum standard in order to graduate. At that time, if the student is not meeting the standard they would have some allotted time (2-4 weeks) in which they would need to make changes to their portfolio and request an opportunity to be re-evaluated. They would need to meet the standard this second time in order to graduate on time. 

Q. What will happen with the data regarding student performance on the eportfolio?
A. All data relative to student performance on the portfolios will be made available to programs and the college via the Assessment committee.

Q. What are the benefits to me as a student of doing the eportfolio?
A. Students will complete the college wide learning goal portfolio two times over their career at Westminster. As part of the process they will identify strengths/weaknesses/areas of interest that will enable them to plan their academic program. In addition, students will have opportunities to interact closely with faculty and staff as they develop their portfolios. Lastly, they will have access to software to create multiple portfolios they could use for applications to jobs, internships, scholarships, and graduate programs.

Q. How will faculty and staff be prepared to evaluate the students’ portfolios?
A. Faculty and staff will be provided professional development opportunities to learn about the rubrics and how they are applied to the eportfolios. In addition, there will be support available from the eportfolio coordinator during the specific time assigned for evaluation. Faculty and staff are NOT required to participate. Those members who are prepared will then be listed as available to students as they determine who will evaluate the midterm portfolio. Faculty and staff members will be able to chose who they evaluate and will have no more than 15 evaluations in a given year.